Kumamoto ''reservation required'' sushi restaurant
TEL. 096-245-6012
4th floor, 3rd Riki Building, 13-49 Hanabatake-cho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto

In the center of Kumamoto city
Our motto is "Enjoy truly delicious sushi"
Our goal is for you to have the best time.

Moved from Ozu Town to Kumamoto City
Changed the shop name from “Sushiya Sengoku” to “Edomae Sengoku” renewal


Michelin Guide listed restaurants

A restaurant featured in the Michelin Guide, known for its strict screening standards. This is a sign of good skill and the use of fresh ingredients.

Skilled technique

With the Fresh ingredients and skillful techniques that brings out their charm to the fullest. You may enjoy the ultimate taste of each dish.

High class hospitality

High class hospitality with confidence in the taste are guarantee. The most appealing thing about our store is our attentiveness to hospitality. By requiring reservations and limiting the number of groups to two per day. By providing the best of our services, Your comfort every minute and second is guarantee.

Carefully crafted work

This product has been carefully selected over a long history by a master craftsman with 50 years of experience.
A number of techniques that can be used to show off your skills from behind the counter. Please enjoy it visually.

Extensive drink menus

Extensive drink menus From alcoholic to non-alcoholic beverages We have a wide selection of drinks that is suitable with your food. We can also prepare specific brands if you let us know in advance. Please feel free to let us know.

A glittering interior

A glittering interior The interior of the store is completely tiled and the embellishments are carefully selected. The cypress wood used for the counter is from the reconstruction of Kumamoto Castle. I received a used item and used it as plain wood.


Omakase course only
For 20,000 yen (tax included)

~Number of seats: 6 seats, counter only~
Reservation required, limited to 2 groups per day

A service charge (1000 yen) will be charged separately.

Additional charges will apply for additional orders.

Various credit cards can be used.

※About cancellation fees
A cancellation fee of 50% on the day before and 100% within the day
will be charged. Fee
At our store, we provide a maximum level of comfort For you to have a quality time and service with us Reservations are required.

Introducing the owner Eiji Yamamoto

At the famous Akasaka Hozumi restaurant in Akasaka, Tokyo After 10 years of training, he moved to Roppongi's Sushi Nakamura.

He was blessed with a restaurant that is considered a famous restaurant in Tokyo, and he aimed for the pinnacle of Edomae sushi.

After 30 years of training in Tokyo, he opened ``Sushiya Sengoku'' in his hometown of Otsu, Kumamoto Prefecture in 2003. Although he is based in the suburbs of Kumamoto Prefecture, he has demonstrated such skill that he was even featured in the Michelin Guide Kumamoto/Oita Edition in 2018.

In 2019, with the beginning of a new era called Reiwa, we decided to move to the downtown area of ​​Kumamoto City.

We changed our shop name to ``Edomae Sengoku'' and are now using the skills we have cultivated over 30 years in Tokyo.

Enjoy Eiji Yamamoto's authentic


Edomae Sengoku

13-49 Hanabatake-cho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, Riki Building 3, 4F
>If using the streetcar 3 minutes walk from Hanabatake tram stop
>If using a car 1-2 minutes walk away There is coin parking available.
tel: 096-245-6012 (reservation required)
Business hours: 18:00-24:00 (Last order is 21:00)
Closed: Sunday (or Monday if Monday is a public holiday)